We were inspired by the simple, natural, and mindful Scandinavian way of life while living in Sweden.


Sauna bathing is a centuries-old tradition

that is at the essence of Nordic culture. It is an ancient form of healing used to cleanse the body and mind. It originated with native populations across the globe, with the Finnish sauna {SOW-NAH} being the most popular ritual we see today.

Traditional saunas can be found across Scandinavia floating on serene lakes, in city bathhouses, and built in seaside cottages. They are a place to retreat, cure what ails you, and gather with friends to share in an uplifting experience.


We believe that uplifting your spirit from the warm, shared sauna experience should be a regular part of life.


Uppliva provides a modern take on the age-old sauna tradition

by offering you the opportunity to experience the benefits of the sauna ritual - warming up in a sauna, taking löyly steam, cooling off in refreshing waters, and resting fireside - in an urban setting. Translated from Swedish, uppliva {UP-LEEVA} means to uplift, revive, renew and comfort. Our daily mission is reflected in our name, which is simply to uplift your spirit and improve your well-being.


“Health is a state of body, wellness is a state of being”  

-j. stanford


We understand that stress plays a factor in all major illnesses. We also know firsthand from our own health and wellness journey that the mind-body connection plays an important role in staying healthy, preventing illness and feeling well.

Our fast-paced modern lifestyle can leave us little time to slow down. We ultimately want to help you slow down to renew your body and mind, and live a longer, healthier life.


We are offering the authentic Scandinavian sauna experience as part of your self care and wellness routine.